sabato 18 marzo 2017

The Bodyguard is on stage at National Theatre in Milan until May 7

I've never thought that one day in my life, I'd be able to feel such kind of emotional moment again.
I've appreciated that all singers and dancers performed on stage with sincere, honest and true emotion, 
but most of all, they were credible and didn't seem that they're acting because they did all of that with joy.


I think that they'd like to pay a respectful tribute to one of the greatest singer ever, but their aim was to be personal, natural and particularly, themselves!!.
This musical has involved me a lot, not only because of the wonderful music that I've had the priviledge to listen to, 
but also because they gave importance to acting.
Personally, I believe that they've been able to find a good balance between singing and acting.

Teatro Nazionale Milano

Teatro Nazionale entrance

Teatro Nazionale

They've also taken care of the stage and backdrop which have been really close to the movie. 
From my view and sensitivity, the costumes have been realized very well and when at some point Ettore Bassi (Frank Farmer) took Helen Tesfazghi (Rachel Marron) on his arms, it was really touching because seemed to see 
"the original ones" doing it again!!.

Musical The Bodyguard

Poster of The Bodyguard

The Playbill

The musical made me feel emotional, and by the time I realized all of that, I felt tears on my cheeks more than once.
During the show, many memories of my childhood came up to my mind, including some of precious aspects of the concert at Filaforum Milan in 1999 , and wasn't easy to compare myself at the age of 42 to those flashbacks of good and bad moments of one of my favorite singer.

A lot of feelings, emotions, experiences and inspirations to take care of all along this special afternoon, delighted by singers, dancers and actors very talented, passionate and professional who made everything so personal and real.

The responsability was huge but they accomplished it at the highest level as possible.

Thanks to the production and all people involved by this project for giving your meaningful contribution to realize "something" that for me is still a dream and maybe, a bit magic!!. 

I wish you all the best,

lunedì 31 ottobre 2016

What is the role of art in our society?

Video from YouTube

Would art be able to change a person's life?
I know that it might sound a rhetoric question.
From my perspective is a sincere wondering!
Art has a wide range of possible meaning, and theatre for me is one of them which has been able to influence the last two decades of my life. 

It's been able to become an inspiration; to push me seeing life from other angles; to touch me deep inside; to focus much more on some values such as honesty, loyalty, sincerity and dignity; and to remind me about my past experiences.
I strongly believe that any kind of art has the power of making a positive and constructive impact on our attitude.

I've had the privilege of enjoying various characters and stories which have helped me to understand a bit more about my personality and how to deal with good and bad moments of my daily routine. 
I also think that art can give us an amazing support for fighting against stereotypes and showing that, in real life there might have been more aspects which deserve to be taken in consideration, before saying something about someone else so in the end, it can be a crucial ally against any discrimination.

It can also become a common way to be able to communicate with people who speak different languages, but for ex. share the same emotions and passion for painting or pop music or opera, and so on.
On my view, thanks to all of that we might be able to overcome cultural barriers that we built in our mind to try to make our life a safer and better place!
One day thanks to art we'll realize that it was an illusion and at some point, we're going to feel as if we've been woken up by an unexpected event which will be able to change everything, "art"!
These are some pictures of plays which I saw during last few years:

Edipo a Colono
Edipo Re_Edipo a Colono
The Man with the..

Life of Galileo
These Ghosts

I don't have suggestions to make but the purpose of those reflections has been simply to share my personal experience.
I can say to you all that, if after enjoying something that helped you to feel better maybe, you can try to find out more about it!

I wish you all the best! 

giovedì 30 giugno 2016

How much has your identity changed during last few years?

BBC News from YouTube

Afeter reading a new post from BBC's website, I've found the inspiration to share my thoughts with you all.
There are many aspects which I can compare myself with but anyway, I'm going to focus on the web:
how much has internet influenced my life?

Nowadays sometimes I have the feeling that after getting through various experiences online, my life and personality have changed a little bit, but I was not totally aware about that.

I think that writing is a good exercice because is like if you're looking at yourself from another perspective, which can help you to see things clearly. At first when I started surfing the web,
I knew that there would have been lots of opportunities of learning something new like another language, developing relatinoships with people from all over the world and making new friends as well as searching for the old ones and so on.

Giving that, I was thinking that I'd be able to maintain the same habits and lifestyle but after some time, I'm certain that a part of myself is  already changed. I didn't pay too much attention about it, until my curiosity had been captured by this new initiative promoted by the BBC, which concerned people's identity.

I think that, the life of each human being has been affected by the environment which is all around us such as family, friends, culture, history and unexpected events.
This generation is the first one who can count on a variety of technologies, which allow us to interact and keep in touch with people from everywhere and we have the feeling that,
there wouldn't be any sort of boundaries or frontiers.

First of all, I learnt the lesson of being careful but at the same time that, if I'll be able to express my sincerity, loyalty and honesty in any circumstances, I wouldn't have to be afraid of anything.
Of course, as in real life I have to think twice before making my own decisions. I have to listen to all people who mean a lot to me but in the end, I have to make my own choices and take all the responsabilities for what I've done.

The second step was, to try to carry on with a positive and constructive attitude, no matter what I'll have deal with.
Obviously, I'll have to manage many different situations and relate to people with various skills, mentality and backgrounds.
It's an ongoing process so, there will be always new abilities and challenges which I'll have to copy with.
It's true that, internet has been having a huge impact on my daily routine and new developments are going to make and create chances that, I cannot even imagine.
On the other side, I need to keep in mind that emotions, emphaty, feelings, beauty and love are going to be more important than ever during the years to come, when it's going to be more difficult to define and understand the borderline between "artificial and human intelligence".

About the near future, my idea is that I do not have to be scared or worried about what I'm going to experience, but it'll be always a tough task to find a good balance.

I'll be very glad if you'd like to share a little bit of yourself around this topic!

I wish all the best to you all.

giovedì 31 marzo 2016

A masterpiece of all time, Orestea written by Eschilo

Orestea's playbill

It's been a long time since I would like to tell my Mom 
a sincere and honest thanks for sharing her 
passion and love for theater with me!
This is the "world" which doesn't have any boundaries or frontiers as well as the place where imagination, dream, creativity, hope and magic can express their potentials among passionate human beings who have chosen 
to be there at that precise time!

This is one of the possible and great enduring legacy 
which a son should expect from his mother!
Finally, after reading and seeing plays of Pirandello, Shakespeare, Wilde, Ibsen...., at the end of this process, 
I had the pleasant opportunity of taking part at my first 
Greek tragedy "Orestea" written by Eschilo.

Elisabetta Pozzi: Clitemnestra


At this point, one of the reasonable question from you might be, why have I waited years before enjoying a classical of all
time, where there are the basic of theater?
To be honest with you all and giving that I hadn't had a classical education, on one side I was a bit scared about the dynamics of that story, which is complicated and with lots of various meanings.
The main concern was, would I be ready or be able to follow such kind of fascinating family's drama?

Oreste and Elettra

Coefore and Oreste

On the other side, along these years I've been involved by many plays so, I had the chance of trying to understand mechanisms and become familiar with different aspects which characterized every play and at least, improving my knowledge and skills.
A special mention to the theatrical author Luca De Fusco who has to make a huge effort to deal with one of the "masterpiece of theater"!
A peculiarity of this piecès which doesn't happen often is that, some actresses and actors have to perform two characters within the same play.
A tough task but they made an extraordinary performance on stage!


Atena and Oreste

Right now, I have a positive feeling that one day when I'm going to take a look back to my life, I would be able to tell myself that, "you have to be proud and glad of taking part at that (specific) play and getting through such a wonderful time!"

Other readings and theaters are going to capture my imagination and I am sincerely thrilled about future stories, scenarios and atmospheres which are going to make my life much more interesting.

Here I share the names of some actresses and actors who performed the Orestea!!

Elisabetta Pozzi: Clitemnestra; the ghost of Clitemnestra;
Gaia Aprea: Cassandra; Atena;
Federica Sandrini: Elettra;
Mariano Rigillo: Agamennone;
Paolo Serra: Egisto;
Giacinto Palmarini: Oreste.

I wish all the best and great success to the entire theatrical company!

Kind regards,

domenica 24 gennaio 2016

A wonderful afternoon with my mother at theater!

Myself at Arezzo train station
Mom in the main entrance of our home

What a wonderful moment for myself sharing a part of my spare time with my mother!!
All ovcr the last few years, for various reasons we didn't spend too much time togheter, 
I mean doing or making something meaningful and possibly funny for both of us.

The beginning of 2016 has been surprising and really inspiring!!
We've started the new year going to Florence for being part of an extraordinary event such as, 
musical dedicated to the legends of soul and R&B, "The Blues Brothers"!!
The theatrical director Chiara Noschese had done an "amazing job"!!
We would like to say, "thanks with all our heart" to the theatrical company because they'd been able to perform in a way that allowed us to feel the energy, passion, soul, sound and love for rhythm and blues. We felt very involved since the beginning until the end of the show and at the same time, we cannot stop singing and dancing a little bit in our box.

Mom on the front door of our home
Myself at the theater in Florence

We sincerely wish you all a great success!!
All the best,
Bianca e Alessandro.

lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Can an experience abroad change your life for the better? If yes, why?

Hello to everybody!

Video from YouTube: first day at class

In our group of Facebook called “English Gathering” we talked about the movie “English Vinglish” on June 24.
The film has been an inspiration and a positive surprise for me. The story reminds me to a lot of interesting memories of my childhood, when I lived in Marocco for one year.
I will always be thankful to my parents for giving me the chance of living an experience in a foreign country and at the same time, learning French as a second language. If I look back, I honestly think that it's been one of the most important and meaningful moment of my life.

For the first time, I had to handle with the embarrassing situation of being part of a new environment, where you don't understand what's going on around you, because you don't speak any words of the language which is being used by local citizens. I started to be aware of the meaning of the words, “nothing is for granted”. Things that were so easy for me like going to buy something in a grocery or a bakery, in this new reality seemed to me so complicated, particularly during the first two months. Anyway, studying and practising the language nearly every day among other people, helped me a lot to overcome the initial disappointment.

Video from YouTube: ending inspiring speech!

After some time, I became more confident and the challenge of speaking and listening seemed to me not so tough as it was all over the first months. The fact that, the sounds of some words of Italian and French languages is similar, made the entire situation a little bit easier. The comprehension of a conversation wasn't the worst part of the learning process.
The most difficult aspect as I had already experienced with my native language was to deal with grammar rules.

Probably, you're thinking that I missed a great opportunity of learning the Arabic language. I agree with you, that's for sure! It might be a very useful choice if I would be able to make it at the time. Today, speaking Arabic fluently could have made my CV better and better according to the fact that, nowadays every kind of business is going to be more and more competitive.
On the other hand, I believe that to become familiar with and fluent in Arabic language would take me more time than one year.

At the moment, I'm focused on making progress in English language as much as I can do.
In the future of our modern society, thanks to new technologies and high level of competence, we're going to need to improve our skills and abilities day by day.
In my life, I follow the principle of one step at a time. After reaching a goal, I usually start thinking about other challenges.

In a technological world, why not thinking about learning Chinese or Arabic. We'll see what's going to happen in the future scenario and then as usual, I'm going to make my own choices.
I learned that in some circumstances, if you want to step up you need to embrace the way that at first, might be tougher compare to other opportunities but in the long term, all of your efforts and sacrifices are going to be paid off. Most of all, no matter what's going on you have to be able to believe in yourself.

Now, it's time for a few questions:

do you think that living for a while in another country can change your life for the better?
Would you think that all over the next few years, studying and working for some time abroad, could become like “a compulsory step” to be successful on your career?

I wish you all the best!
Have a nice time,

martedì 30 giugno 2015

The dream of a lifetime: Wimbledon's tournament!

Hello to everyone!

I was sincerely excited by the idea of writing a post around the exceptional Wimbledon's tournament.
Even though, I've never been to this amazing place anyway, I'm passionate to the competition among female and male players but at the same time, I've been fascinated by the history which characterized an event well-known all over the world.
First of all, I have to pay a "special tribute" to one of the most famous tennis players who won two Grand Slam titles, Rod Laver!

Video of Rod Laver taken from Youtube

I've always been surprised by the fact that, when I watch a part of his games, whatever he did it seemed so easy to play. This had been possible because he was an extraordinary professional tennis player and an immense talent as well!

Another video of Rod Laver taken from Youtube

There is also a museum within the Wimbledon's village that, I might visit because I'm going to see and appreciate pictures, photos and technologies, which will be able to show me something more around competitors who made the history of this unique event.
How many afternoon and evening spent with Mom and Dad watching challenges among some of the greatest ever!
I can't forget when Boris Becker won Wimbledon for the first time against Kevin Curren or when Pete Sampras became a legend of this tournament after winning his seventh title against Patrick Rafter and al last, when Goran Ivanisevic realized his dream of winning at Wimbledon and making a bit of history, because he needed a wild-card to take part at the competition. 

Video of Pete Sampras taken from Youtube

I have to let you know that my favorite player is Pete Sampras!
In my personal opinion and "taste" I'd like to share this short list of fantastic players. I'm aware that there would be many more talented and unforgattable competitors who could have been mentioned on it.

a) when I think about "genius":
    Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Goran Ivanisevic, Henri Leconte,
    Petr Korda, Michael Stich......!
b) when I think about "elegance":
    Chris Evert, Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Stefan Edberg,
    Boris Becker.....!
c) when I think about "determination and hard work":
    Monica Seles, Ivan Lendl, Thomas Muster, Rafael Nadal.......!

These are only examples of course! In my intention I'd like to show you that this sport can be really interesting and inspiring.
I am sure that we're going to see lots of enjoyable matches over the years to come!
As it had already happened to me we're going to remember all rivalries like 
"golden moments"!!

Wimbledon's video taken from Youtube

While I'm writing this post Wimbledon is already started and I would like to wish to all of you of being "witness" of a memorable tournament!

Have a great time,

venerdì 27 febbraio 2015

B&B Tarussio: close to city centre and train station!

 Are you planning your next trip to Italy for business reasons like "The Expo of Milan 2015"?

At the same time, you're thinking about spending a bit of your time in one of the most fascinating land of my country as Tuscany?

If you're thinking to relax for a while maybe, you might choose to stay at our bed and breakfast Tarussio in Arezzo, which is characterized by a familiar atmosphere!

b&b Tarussio!

the main entrance of b&b Tarussio
Another picture of our b&b!
Another view of b&b Tarussio!

We run our b&b as a small luxury hotel. We take care a lot of small details, hygeine is one of our most important priority as well as we are available to help our guests when they need our support or suggestions. 
You'll find the same facilities as in a hotel but in an ambience very peaceful because we are just outside of the antique wall of the town. 
It's easy to get at our b&b in Arezzo!
Our Villa of the early twentieth-century, is just behind the railway station and only an underpass divided us from the beginning of the city centre (10 minutes walking).

The Yellow Room!
The Green Room!

Desk of the Blue Room!

The Suite: Blue Room!

Desk of the Yellow Room!

Bath of the Yellow Room!
Bath of the Green Room!

Bath of the Blue Room!

An information which could be relevant for you is that, my family lives at the ground floor
At the same time, the first floor is entirely dedicated to the b&b!
At last, on the second floor there is nobody! 
So, you will not have any noise problems!!

You don't have to worry about if you have lots of laguagges, because I'll be pleased to pick you up with my car (five minutes from station to home).
In addition, when we get back home there are few stairs to get at the first floor which has been made for our guests: 
three spacious sound proof insulated bedrooms with bath en suite with shower or bathtub as well as the breakfast room

I'd like to say to all of you who might be interested in staying with us that in the price are included:

Free! Wired high-speed internet connection in breakfast room.
Free! Parking garage for your cars and motorbikes!
No reservation is needed!
Free! Taverna-garage for your bicycles!
You lock them up inside of our taverna!
Free laundry: for guests staying two or more nights.

Facilities available for our guests:
hair dryers, TV, ceiling fans, towels, daily cleaning of the room, antiallergic pillows and mattresses.

the front garden
the back garden

A reward from Tripadvisor!
The Breakfast Room!

A picture of myself!
My Mom Bianca in the back garden!

The reception of our b&b!
our big veranda!

If you'll need more details around my b&b Tarussio or you'll want to ask me something else you can contact me:

address: Via Isonzo, 41, 52100, Arezzo,Italy

Have a nice time,