sabato 18 marzo 2017

The Bodyguard is on stage at National Theatre in Milan until May 7

I've never thought that one day in my life, I'd be able to feel such kind of emotional moment again.
I've appreciated that all singers and dancers performed on stage with sincere, honest and true emotion, 
but most of all, they were credible and didn't seem that they're acting because they did all of that with joy.


I think that they'd like to pay a respectful tribute to one of the greatest singer ever, but their aim was to be personal, natural and particularly, themselves!!.
This musical has involved me a lot, not only because of the wonderful music that I've had the priviledge to listen to, 
but also because they gave importance to acting.
Personally, I believe that they've been able to find a good balance between singing and acting.

Teatro Nazionale Milano

Teatro Nazionale entrance

Teatro Nazionale

They've also taken care of the stage and backdrop which have been really close to the movie. 
From my view and sensitivity, the costumes have been realized very well and when at some point Ettore Bassi (Frank Farmer) took Helen Tesfazghi (Rachel Marron) on his arms, it was really touching because seemed to see 
"the original ones" doing it again!!.

Musical The Bodyguard

Poster of The Bodyguard

The Playbill

The musical made me feel emotional, and by the time I realized all of that, I felt tears on my cheeks more than once.
During the show, many memories of my childhood came up to my mind, including some of precious aspects of the concert at Filaforum Milan in 1999 , and wasn't easy to compare myself at the age of 42 to those flashbacks of good and bad moments of one of my favorite singer.

A lot of feelings, emotions, experiences and inspirations to take care of all along this special afternoon, delighted by singers, dancers and actors very talented, passionate and professional who made everything so personal and real.

The responsability was huge but they accomplished it at the highest level as possible.

Thanks to the production and all people involved by this project for giving your meaningful contribution to realize "something" that for me is still a dream and maybe, a bit magic!!. 

I wish you all the best,

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