giovedì 30 giugno 2016

How much has your identity changed during last few years?

BBC News from YouTube

Afeter reading a new post from BBC's website, I've found the inspiration to share my thoughts with you all.
There are many aspects which I can compare myself with but anyway, I'm going to focus on the web:
how much has internet influenced my life?

Nowadays sometimes I have the feeling that after getting through various experiences online, my life and personality have changed a little bit, but I was not totally aware about that.

I think that writing is a good exercice because is like if you're looking at yourself from another perspective, which can help you to see things clearly. At first when I started surfing the web,
I knew that there would have been lots of opportunities of learning something new like another language, developing relatinoships with people from all over the world and making new friends as well as searching for the old ones and so on.

Giving that, I was thinking that I'd be able to maintain the same habits and lifestyle but after some time, I'm certain that a part of myself is  already changed. I didn't pay too much attention about it, until my curiosity had been captured by this new initiative promoted by the BBC, which concerned people's identity.

I think that, the life of each human being has been affected by the environment which is all around us such as family, friends, culture, history and unexpected events.
This generation is the first one who can count on a variety of technologies, which allow us to interact and keep in touch with people from everywhere and we have the feeling that,
there wouldn't be any sort of boundaries or frontiers.

First of all, I learnt the lesson of being careful but at the same time that, if I'll be able to express my sincerity, loyalty and honesty in any circumstances, I wouldn't have to be afraid of anything.
Of course, as in real life I have to think twice before making my own decisions. I have to listen to all people who mean a lot to me but in the end, I have to make my own choices and take all the responsabilities for what I've done.

The second step was, to try to carry on with a positive and constructive attitude, no matter what I'll have deal with.
Obviously, I'll have to manage many different situations and relate to people with various skills, mentality and backgrounds.
It's an ongoing process so, there will be always new abilities and challenges which I'll have to copy with.
It's true that, internet has been having a huge impact on my daily routine and new developments are going to make and create chances that, I cannot even imagine.
On the other side, I need to keep in mind that emotions, emphaty, feelings, beauty and love are going to be more important than ever during the years to come, when it's going to be more difficult to define and understand the borderline between "artificial and human intelligence".

About the near future, my idea is that I do not have to be scared or worried about what I'm going to experience, but it'll be always a tough task to find a good balance.

I'll be very glad if you'd like to share a little bit of yourself around this topic!

I wish all the best to you all.

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