giovedì 31 marzo 2016

A masterpiece of all time, Orestea written by Eschilo

Orestea's playbill

It's been a long time since I would like to tell my Mom 
a sincere and honest thanks for sharing her 
passion and love for theater with me!
This is the "world" which doesn't have any boundaries or frontiers as well as the place where imagination, dream, creativity, hope and magic can express their potentials among passionate human beings who have chosen 
to be there at that precise time!

This is one of the possible and great enduring legacy 
which a son should expect from his mother!
Finally, after reading and seeing plays of Pirandello, Shakespeare, Wilde, Ibsen...., at the end of this process, 
I had the pleasant opportunity of taking part at my first 
Greek tragedy "Orestea" written by Eschilo.

Elisabetta Pozzi: Clitemnestra


At this point, one of the reasonable question from you might be, why have I waited years before enjoying a classical of all
time, where there are the basic of theater?
To be honest with you all and giving that I hadn't had a classical education, on one side I was a bit scared about the dynamics of that story, which is complicated and with lots of various meanings.
The main concern was, would I be ready or be able to follow such kind of fascinating family's drama?

Oreste and Elettra

Coefore and Oreste

On the other side, along these years I've been involved by many plays so, I had the chance of trying to understand mechanisms and become familiar with different aspects which characterized every play and at least, improving my knowledge and skills.
A special mention to the theatrical author Luca De Fusco who has to make a huge effort to deal with one of the "masterpiece of theater"!
A peculiarity of this piecès which doesn't happen often is that, some actresses and actors have to perform two characters within the same play.
A tough task but they made an extraordinary performance on stage!


Atena and Oreste

Right now, I have a positive feeling that one day when I'm going to take a look back to my life, I would be able to tell myself that, "you have to be proud and glad of taking part at that (specific) play and getting through such a wonderful time!"

Other readings and theaters are going to capture my imagination and I am sincerely thrilled about future stories, scenarios and atmospheres which are going to make my life much more interesting.

Here I share the names of some actresses and actors who performed the Orestea!!

Elisabetta Pozzi: Clitemnestra; the ghost of Clitemnestra;
Gaia Aprea: Cassandra; Atena;
Federica Sandrini: Elettra;
Mariano Rigillo: Agamennone;
Paolo Serra: Egisto;
Giacinto Palmarini: Oreste.

I wish all the best and great success to the entire theatrical company!

Kind regards,

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