domenica 24 gennaio 2016

A wonderful afternoon with my mother at theater!

Myself at Arezzo train station
Mom in the main entrance of our home

What a wonderful moment for myself sharing a part of my spare time with my mother!!
All ovcr the last few years, for various reasons we didn't spend too much time togheter, 
I mean doing or making something meaningful and possibly funny for both of us.

The beginning of 2016 has been surprising and really inspiring!!
We've started the new year going to Florence for being part of an extraordinary event such as, 
musical dedicated to the legends of soul and R&B, "The Blues Brothers"!!
The theatrical director Chiara Noschese had done an "amazing job"!!
We would like to say, "thanks with all our heart" to the theatrical company because they'd been able to perform in a way that allowed us to feel the energy, passion, soul, sound and love for rhythm and blues. We felt very involved since the beginning until the end of the show and at the same time, we cannot stop singing and dancing a little bit in our box.

Mom on the front door of our home
Myself at the theater in Florence

We sincerely wish you all a great success!!
All the best,
Bianca e Alessandro.

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