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Can an experience abroad change your life for the better? If yes, why?

Hello to everybody!

Video from YouTube: first day at class

In our group of Facebook called “English Gathering” we talked about the movie “English Vinglish” on June 24.
The film has been an inspiration and a positive surprise for me. The story reminds me to a lot of interesting memories of my childhood, when I lived in Marocco for one year.
I will always be thankful to my parents for giving me the chance of living an experience in a foreign country and at the same time, learning French as a second language. If I look back, I honestly think that it's been one of the most important and meaningful moment of my life.

For the first time, I had to handle with the embarrassing situation of being part of a new environment, where you don't understand what's going on around you, because you don't speak any words of the language which is being used by local citizens. I started to be aware of the meaning of the words, “nothing is for granted”. Things that were so easy for me like going to buy something in a grocery or a bakery, in this new reality seemed to me so complicated, particularly during the first two months. Anyway, studying and practising the language nearly every day among other people, helped me a lot to overcome the initial disappointment.

Video from YouTube: ending inspiring speech!

After some time, I became more confident and the challenge of speaking and listening seemed to me not so tough as it was all over the first months. The fact that, the sounds of some words of Italian and French languages is similar, made the entire situation a little bit easier. The comprehension of a conversation wasn't the worst part of the learning process.
The most difficult aspect as I had already experienced with my native language was to deal with grammar rules.

Probably, you're thinking that I missed a great opportunity of learning the Arabic language. I agree with you, that's for sure! It might be a very useful choice if I would be able to make it at the time. Today, speaking Arabic fluently could have made my CV better and better according to the fact that, nowadays every kind of business is going to be more and more competitive.
On the other hand, I believe that to become familiar with and fluent in Arabic language would take me more time than one year.

At the moment, I'm focused on making progress in English language as much as I can do.
In the future of our modern society, thanks to new technologies and high level of competence, we're going to need to improve our skills and abilities day by day.
In my life, I follow the principle of one step at a time. After reaching a goal, I usually start thinking about other challenges.

In a technological world, why not thinking about learning Chinese or Arabic. We'll see what's going to happen in the future scenario and then as usual, I'm going to make my own choices.
I learned that in some circumstances, if you want to step up you need to embrace the way that at first, might be tougher compare to other opportunities but in the long term, all of your efforts and sacrifices are going to be paid off. Most of all, no matter what's going on you have to be able to believe in yourself.

Now, it's time for a few questions:

do you think that living for a while in another country can change your life for the better?
Would you think that all over the next few years, studying and working for some time abroad, could become like “a compulsory step” to be successful on your career?

I wish you all the best!
Have a nice time,

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