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The dream of a lifetime: Wimbledon's tournament!

Hello to everyone!

I was sincerely excited by the idea of writing a post around the exceptional Wimbledon's tournament.
Even though, I've never been to this amazing place anyway, I'm passionate to the competition among female and male players but at the same time, I've been fascinated by the history which characterized an event well-known all over the world.
First of all, I have to pay a "special tribute" to one of the most famous tennis players who won two Grand Slam titles, Rod Laver!

Video of Rod Laver taken from Youtube

I've always been surprised by the fact that, when I watch a part of his games, whatever he did it seemed so easy to play. This had been possible because he was an extraordinary professional tennis player and an immense talent as well!

Another video of Rod Laver taken from Youtube

There is also a museum within the Wimbledon's village that, I might visit because I'm going to see and appreciate pictures, photos and technologies, which will be able to show me something more around competitors who made the history of this unique event.
How many afternoon and evening spent with Mom and Dad watching challenges among some of the greatest ever!
I can't forget when Boris Becker won Wimbledon for the first time against Kevin Curren or when Pete Sampras became a legend of this tournament after winning his seventh title against Patrick Rafter and al last, when Goran Ivanisevic realized his dream of winning at Wimbledon and making a bit of history, because he needed a wild-card to take part at the competition. 

Video of Pete Sampras taken from Youtube

I have to let you know that my favorite player is Pete Sampras!
In my personal opinion and "taste" I'd like to share this short list of fantastic players. I'm aware that there would be many more talented and unforgattable competitors who could have been mentioned on it.

a) when I think about "genius":
    Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Goran Ivanisevic, Henri Leconte,
    Petr Korda, Michael Stich......!
b) when I think about "elegance":
    Chris Evert, Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Stefan Edberg,
    Boris Becker.....!
c) when I think about "determination and hard work":
    Monica Seles, Ivan Lendl, Thomas Muster, Rafael Nadal.......!

These are only examples of course! In my intention I'd like to show you that this sport can be really interesting and inspiring.
I am sure that we're going to see lots of enjoyable matches over the years to come!
As it had already happened to me we're going to remember all rivalries like 
"golden moments"!!

Wimbledon's video taken from Youtube

While I'm writing this post Wimbledon is already started and I would like to wish to all of you of being "witness" of a memorable tournament!

Have a great time,

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