giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

What are you going to ask to yourself ten years from now?

Hello to everyone!

This subject has been suggested me by a group of Facebook called "English Gathering", during a conversation inspired by this article "37 Life Lessons in 37 Years" written by Dawn Gluskin who has ablog in the online newspaper, Huffingtonpost.

Actually, I am not a kind of person who is used to managing what I'm going to do long time before things happen! 
This habit has been part of my life.  
I had to move from one place to another very often, because of my father's work so, I am familiar with dealing with new situations and changes!!

I'm very thankful to my English group first of all, because I have the chance of making practice once a week. Secondly, speaking with friends of mine, sometimes helps me a lot to find out inspiration for a new topic which I'm going to share with all of you: what would you say or suggest to yourself if you'll write a letter ten years from now?

What I hope I'll be able to achieve ten years from now:

1: I'd like to realize one of my dream as soon as possible: enjoy the unique experience of Wimbledon's tournament ;
2: I'd like to spend Christmas' holiday at New York;
3: I'd like to speak English more fluently than I'm capable of  doing right now;
4: I'd like to go to London and see as much Shakespeare's plays as possible;
5: I'd like to visit China because of its history, tradition and customs. I've been always interested in different cultures and habits;
6: I'd like to relate myself with new challenges so maybe one day, I'd like to run the same business but in another country;
7: I'd like to take a break and travel for one year at least but, I would not plan anything before;
8: I'd like to continue keeping in touch with people who sincerely mean a lot to me;
9: I hope that I'll be able to accomplish my goals and aspirations;
10: I'd like to develop new skills and capacities because flexibility and dynamism are going to make a big difference during years to come.

Now it's your turn! 
Have you ever thought what would you like to be, become, achieve or make ten years from now?

Take your time!
Ta-ta for now.

All the best,

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