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How can your job satisfaction influence your self-esteem?

Hello to everyone!

You already know that English language means a lot to me and is still a work in progress!

I learn faster and better if I enjoy what I'm doing.
At this time, I've appreciated the topic of "job satisfaction" from a new BBC platform Global MInds. Here you can find out various stories and you can listen to speakers characterized by different skills, opinions, lifestyles, ect... .
The summary of the main subjects is:
  1. self-esteem;
  2. perception of yourself by people all around you (for ex. collagues at work);
  3. innovation.

Part one: self-esteem.

When I was a boy and I thought about a "job" I'd always believed that, I had to do something that I like!
Now, stop dreaming and come back to real world!
I'm aware that in Italy there are lots of people like me who studied for a particular field and nowadays, they're doing a job which doesn't have any connection with their expertise and qualifications. 
I am part of this "group of people" because I graduated in law at the University of Siena in 2007 but, rather than making practice in a legal office I still continue to manage our b&b with Mom!
At the moment, you have to be happy and proud of yourself if you're capable of doing something for living.

I'm a lucky person because I do an activity that honestly, I enjoy very much! The aspect which I like the most, is when sometimes travellers share a bit of their experiencies with us and it seems to me that, I've been in many wonderful spots even though I'm just listening!
Actually, I agree with the fact that, if you have the chance it's going to be crucial to find a job which fit perfectly to you.

The second part: perception of yourself.

What you do for living as well as how you do it and also, how other collagues/people see you at work defined a part of your identity in a modern society.
There are many different realities where work means everything and it's not easy to separate what's happening at work from what's going on at home. 
Defenetly, it's an individual choice.

I've also thought about some poor areas, communities, and so on all over the world where because of lack of alternatives having a job is already everything
In this situations, you have to think of which is the best way will allow your family to survive.
It's clear that there is a strong link between what people thinking about you and your self-esteem

Personally, what is most important to me is that, at the end of every "challenge", I have to be sure that I've done all my best! On the other hand, I have to be able to accept failures and that sometimes, I won't be able to achieve a goal!
I know that could be tough but I have to deal with it!

The last part: innovation.

From this angle, today innovation can push us to re-think and imagine ourselves in another perspective. We have to copy with the idea that new technologies have already the power to change our way of thinking. At the same time, we have to learn new skills. 
At last, in my view of course, we have to try to make an effort of seeing our life in a way that we've never done or even thought before.
Maybe things are more simple than I thought: 
being part of my lifetime!

Now questions time!
What does it mean to you "job safisfaction"?
Does it exist something which can allow you to measure your level of job satisfaction?
How relevant are challenges to you in a scale from 1 to 10?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Best regards,

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