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My personal learning experience trying to become fluent in another language!

This video has been suggested me by our English group on Facebook called "English Gathering" .The subject of our chat is:

"Listening the video and then, write down simply what you've heard from the speaker or using your own sentences".

Video taken from YouTube

I totally agree with the author of the video, because it's true that the key points for learning a second language or perhaps more than one are:
  1. motivation
  2. time which you spent with the language
  3. start to notice what's happening all around the language itself
This time I start from a privileged angle, because at the age of 13 I had the great opportunity of studying French language at school in Marocco for one year!
I consider myself really lucky, because this learning experience had changed my way of approaching another language, particularly because at that age your brain is still continue to develop day by day and there is no doubt about the fact that, you are able to learn faster and easier compare to adult people!
I have to pay a special thanks to the teachers who helped me a lot. I learned skills, abilities and capacities which had been valuable and useful for the learning process

But most of all, I had understood  the importance of making and sharing mistakes with other students at school and then, in the real life with whole my family. 
At the same time, when you lost the fear of misunderstanding, when you don't feel frustrated because you forget the words that you learned just the day before, this is "The Time" when you start to become natural and confident with the language.

Honestly, I will be a liar if I avoid to mention that sometimes I had thought that, I would like to quit because it is obviously tough, especially at the beginning, when you are not able to ask or say simple concepts or sentences.
By the way, my teachers made a great job  to make me feel comfortable with the idea that learning a second language is a gradual process and making mistakes is one of the essential part of any new challenge!

If I make a comparison between myself at the age of 13 when I was studying French and what I'm doing today I mean, focusing all my efforts on trying to improve my English skills, internet is the main and positive difference!
In fact, the web give us incredible opportunities for making practice around listening, writing, speaking and so on!

In the end, don't be afraid of making mistakes, don't be shy, trying to do something enjoyable and try to be as more natural as possible! 

Be yourself!!

Now, I'm really curious to know your point of view!

My learning experience has been...........................!

Have a great time learning English language!

All the best,


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