martedì 24 settembre 2013

What are your expectations from a bed and breakfast?

Hello to everybody!!

I'm a Facebook's user like most of people across the web, I follow many "things" and different subjects. 

BBC Learning English is one of my favourite page particularly because they ask lots of interesting questions. One of them inspire me a lot: "Is parking a problem in your country"? 
I've chosen this one because especially in many countries in Europe to find  a "Parking Garage" available as well as at an acceptable price is really tough!!
This topic gives me the chance of letting you know that if you're planning your next vacation in Tuscany you'll have to consider that, without a car or motorbike you won't be able to enjoy some incredible spots and scenaries!!

So, if you'll choose to stay at my B&B you have to know that, the parking garage is Free as well as you would not make any reservation because each one of our guests has its own parking lot enclosed by all four sides!

B&B Tarussio: "The Parking Garage"!!

Now I'm invited you to complete this survey!

What is it more important or valuable to you during your stay in a B&B?

  1. hygiene
  2. free parking garage
  3. free internet connection
  4. free laundry
  5. close to city centre and train station
  6. breakfast included 
  7. sound proof insulated bedrooms
  8. en suite bathroom
  9. the owner speaks English

Thanks in advance for your time!

Best regards,

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