mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

Icastica: from 8th June to 1st September 2013, a female exhibition will take place in Arezzo

This summer from 8th June to 1st September we're going to celebrate the female contemporary art. The project is called, 

It's been an itinerant exhibition indoor and outdoor throughout the small street of my medieval town, Arezzo. They're going to be involved talent, imagination, creativity and skills of forty women from many countries all over the world like for example China, Japan, South Africa, India, Perù and so on.

As I already wrote in previous posts I'm particularly keen on theatre. So to be honest, I know few things around art. By the way, I like this event because the contrast among contemporary artists and well-known artisits like Piero della Francesca, Cimabue, Giorgio Vasari, etc., is really fascinating.
I appreciate contemporary art because I've always thought about it as an open space as well as an open mind. My approach to each single peace of art has been driven by personal emotions and feelings. I've enjoyed so much having the chance of experiencing these artistic performances.

If you visit Tuscany, I wish that you'll have enough time for coming to Arezzo and taking part at Icastica which means: "The art of representing reality".

Alicia Martin, Spain

Federica Marangoni, Italy

Kaarina Kaikkonen, Finland

Tamara Ferioli, Italy


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