venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Festival of Ice Cream: A Day Off at Orvieto!!

Hello to everyone!

I was at Orvieto for my day off on 02 May.
Now, are you wondering why Orvieto?

First of all, because I had been there some time ago with whole my family when I was a child and I had lots of good memories. Secondly, because at the beginning of May, the first edition of the "Festival of Ice Cream" there was celebrated in Orvieto.
During this event which took place from 01 to 05 May, twenty Italian Region have taken part at it. 
We can consider the ice cream like a symbol of Italy which is a mix of various flavours from different territories, talent, creativity, imagination and above all, respect for tradition, history and culture of our magnificent land. It's been really nice walking across the street of the historic centre looking for a stand when you can taste many different flavours.
Sometime, we have to remember that, our country has an important and valuable tradition around "things" handmade. So, this was one of the reason why I chose to spend my day off at the unique and wonderful atmosphere of Orvieto.

The "history" of the Ice Cream through a small museum at Orvieto

Another picture taken from the small museum at Orvieto

A part of the history of Ice Cream from a small museum at Orvieto



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