giovedì 18 aprile 2013

Judy Garland: "The Greatest Entertainer who ever lived" by Fred Astaire

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Hello to everyone!

"In addition to what I've already published around the performance of Monica Guerritore who played Judy Garland at theatre, I'd like to share something more with all of you!"

On stage, she was able to express how tough can be for an artist to try to escape or take a little bit of distance from the role who has been built for her/him by the society and/or the business industry. At the same time, how difficult can be to try to be herself/himself, having a "normal life" and being surrounded by people who really take care of her/him and not thinking of making money all time!

Video taken from YouTube

After the play, I was talking and sharing some opinions with a young girl who asked me why in general at theatre and cinema we are used to enphasizing the bad aspects and worst period of life of many talented women and/or men who left us too early?
Why, we can't simply focus on good and positive moments of their life and career?

What do you think about that?
I'll try to explain my point of views.

Maybe, because through this way we're able to underline that also great artists are human being and ordinary people like us? So, we seem to be closer to our "heros, divas,.... "! 

Maybe, because it's more easy to identify ourselves through bad situations and behaviours instead of stories of success, triumph and/or happy end?

Maybe, because after the Berlin's wall is fallen down, it produced as main consequence the "death" of a world and its ideologies so at the moment, we need (more than ever) listening and experiencing stories of past and recent talented men and/or women who are living or lived their life borderline as well as dangerous lifestyle?

Maybe, because I don't know the right answer or an answer which is better than others or perhaps, there are no answer!

And you? What's your opinion?



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