lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Judy Garland's life played by an exceptional Monica Guerritore!

The "Theatrical Playbill" just outside the Theatre, "Teatro della Pergola" at Florence!

Hello to everybody!

Before going to Florence at "Teatro della Pergola", I've had huge expectations around the pièce "End of the Rainbow" which is above all, a tribute to one of the most succeful, talented singer and entertainer in the history of American cinema, Judy Garland! 

In fact, she was described by Fred Astaire as, "The Greatest Entertainer who ever lived"! Now while I'm thinking of and writing my personal thoughts I'm honestly pleased of being at the Theatre and listening to this play really carefully. The main character has been played by Monica Guerritore who is one of the most extraordinary Italian "actress-artist" who has been capable of memorable performances in both genre I mean, comic and dramatic!

I clearly remember that night at Morlacchi's Theatre in Perugia, where she played the role of "La signora dalle camelie". I was amazed by her stunning and imaginative performance. I can't also forget when she was "Giovanna D'Arco" and in that case, she showed other skills as a strong, powerful and very passionate woman as well as a dreamer!

In my point of view,  Monica Guerritore because of her versatility, is the perfect actress and woman for dealing with this kind of immense artist and she made an impeccable performance of Judy Garland. She's been able to share with the audience the painful and lonelyness emotions which has characterized an important part of Garland's life and career. The play has been able to touch me deep inside! 

I would like to tell you something more around my favourite actress Monica Guerritore, but I prefer stopping now then, I'll continue to describe and add a little bit more, next time!

See you soon!




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