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What kind of meaning or value do you attribute to failures, success and mistakes in your daily life?

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This video has been suggested me by a group of Facebook called "English Gathering" on Wednesday, 9 January 2013.
The subject of our conversation was:
"J.K. Rowling's Speech at Harvard Commencement".

The Rowling's speech has been very inspiring.One of the main topic was focused on the importance of failures, mistakes and in the other hand, how tough can be for teenagers being able to handle and get through expectations of her/his parents and society.

During my life, I made a lot of mistakes as well as dealt with some failures.
All experiences have been really valuable for me, because I have had the chance to understand what I'm capable of and what I am not! I've also learned what kind of various emotions I felt after a failure in different contexts and situations.
I also think that it's crucial to make a mistake or a failure because this is the main and direct way to face with your capacity and ability to stand up and keep going with your ordinary life of an ordinary man/woman.

In many circumstances, my mother has been helpful. When I'm in a bad mood because for example, I'm not be able to achieve a goal she always tells me to try to calm down and then looking at that moment in another perspective.
First of all, might be useful to try to focus on negative and positive aspects. Secondly, try to understand big mistakes which could have made a huge difference between failure and success. The most important advice is that, I have to keep concentrate on my daily life, taking care of people who are really important for me and at last, giving all the best I can day by day.

I have to be honest! I was a lucky child because of work of my father I travelled a lot! I met lots of people coming from many different countries and it was great to compare myself with their habits and lifestyles.

I became quickly aware that every action produces consequences followed by responsibilities so, I think carefully before making a choice. Nevertheless, I keep going on making mistakes which are one of the most important part of my life!

Now, I'd be really curious to know what failures, success, and mistakes mean in your life!
I lost more challenges than I won!This it's been amazing otherwise, I couldn't become the "imperfect person" who I am today!
Thanks in advance for reading this post.Any comment, idea, point of view around the Rowling's Speech will be always welcomed!



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