sabato 2 febbraio 2013

Originality and Humor by to promote Accommodations!

Hello to everyone!! from Youtube

Today I'd like to spend few words around a video which has been launched by in the United States of America. I've appreciated a lot the idea which is behind this Tv commercial which is mainly focused on giving a new message to try to promote accommodations all over the world!!

I'd like to share my point of view, not only because my bed and breakfast Tarussio took part in this major tourist and travel brand few weeks ago, but especially because of the new way of doing Marketing Campaign!

It's really original, fun, direct and at last there is something which can make a big difference I mean, the presence of the "sense of humor"!!This aspect of this compaign deserves to be emphasized particularly because across the web is not so usual to find big companies like which make the choice of using sense of humor to try to give more visibility to their partners.

I would like to say, "Well done! Good job"!!

As last year, we've thought of two Special Offer which are going to be available for our guests since March 2013!

N.1: 80 Euro per room per night instead of 90, including Italian Breakfst.

N.2:  two guests for one week, 504 Euro instead of 630, including Italian Breakfasat.

In both prices are included new facilities:

Free Wi-Fi! It's available in all areas and is free of charge!
If you are interested in you can make your reservation directly on and during next few days, this option will be also available in our website,

Other facilities included in both Special Offers:

Free! Parking Garage for cars and motorbikes.

Free! Taverna-Garage for travellers who are keen on bicycles

Free Laundry: for guests staying two or more days.

Free Shuttle Service: with my own spacious car from train station to my B&B in ten minutes.

Other Amanities: ceiling fans, tv, hair dryers, towels, daily cleaning of the rooms, antiallergic pillows and mattresses

Breakfast: breakfast will be served at your own table in the breakfast room.

Anyway,thank you a lot for reading this post!



Address: Via Isonzo, 41, 52100 Arezzo




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