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A tribute to my favourite "mother, singer, artist": Celine Dion!

Hello to everyone!

I was thinking of changing topics a little bit but before doing it I'd like to let you know first, because this is "Your Blog"!!

I mean, I'm talking to people who are plenty of energy, full respect for the environment, passionate and extremely curious around every small and big aspect of life!

Actually, thanks to this blog, social networks and in general various realities of the web, I stay in touch with people from all over the world who are really keen on English language. I take particularly care about their thoughts, opinions, point views and suggestions.

My will is to keep going talking about my bed and breakfast Tarussio then, information all around my medieval town Arezzo and Tuscany of course!!
From now on, I'd like writing about interesting, fun, valuable and meaningful topics which, I'll find out across the web. I hope you can enjoy what I'll describe and you'll be pleased and interested to share your thoughts!!

My Ticket for Celine's concert in Paris 2008

At this time, I start with something personal who I lived in Paris when I took part at the European Tour of Celine Dion "Taking Chances World Tour". It was 2008, this big event celebrated her coming back to live concerts in Europe after had been performed for five years at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The inspiration came from a post which I read few weeks ago published by a well-known and qualified blogger, Abby Tegnelia. She works in Vegas as well as travels a lot and I'm really positevily impresssed by her own way of making her blog!
I've especially enjoied tha part of the post where she described the experience who she enjoied on the backstage before the show taking place.

Man's World from YouTube

This story reminded me to my great moment of life, when I went to Paris at the "Palais omnisport De Paris Bercy" for listening one of the best singer in the world!
I lived something that is not easy to report in few words. 
Just outside "the  Palais omnisport", I had the chance to meet fans coming from all over the world. I can clearly remember that chat which I had with a mother and daughter from China then, other people from Brazil and many other countries
That night, everyone I spoke to forgot that she or he was waiting the concert and getting trhough something like that, in one of the most beautiful and romantic city in the world, Paris of course!!
Amazing memories! 

All by myself from YouTube

The perfoirmance of Celine was stunning. amazing and memorable. Since the beginning until the end, she gave absolute priority to heart and soul instead of pure technique even if I have to underline that, 
she was perfect and left us speechless more than one time. I've never heard something like that before because of her capacity, quality and ability of making a good balance between unbelievable strength and lightness of her voice.

S'il n'en restait qu'une from YouTube

She's an insturment herself. She's able to achieve sounds she wants to and at last, she is capable of getting through many different interpretation of her songxs, I mean soul, R&B, pop and whereever she decides to go she get there for sure!!

In order to realize a "complete picture" along her way to achieve success, I have to make a "special mention" to the authors because of the genuine, sincere and realistic themes that have been made the difference and given a great contribution to her immense talent.

Ziggy from YouTube

As I've often written on my Facebook page and other social networks, when her "One Woman Show" in Vegas will be arrived at its natural happy end, I'll look forward to her new European Tour.
Next time, I'm going to enjoy more that one concert! 
In the other hand, I hope to be more lucky than last time when I was so excited that I forgot my mobile phone at the hotel and my camera didn't work out properly. 
These were the reasons why, I wasn't able to share lots of unforgattable moments that I experienced at that concert in Paris.

Celine, I wish all the best to you and whole of your family!!

Kind regards,


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