giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Italian National Heritage: The Local Handcraft

Hello to everybody!!


Today I'd like choosing a different point of view as well as talking about a topic which I'm really interested in.I'm talking about Italian handcraft!! 


In this technological era, we've forgotten to think about the ability of making things with our hands. These skills and capacities are part of our history and I think that, they should have been more emphasized because of their value.

I'd like to repeat a sentence that I wrote in a previous post:"we won't be able to understand the future if   we don't know our past".

 For these reasons I would invite you to take a look at these  pictures which show you what an Italian lady is able to make with such a simple ingredient like"sugar paste"!!.

At last, I think that for explaining the meaning of what the lady is going to create, I don't need more than few words that she sent me by an e-mail.She said to me that, "the richness of the decorations and the refinement of forms in a triumph of colour and sweetness".


The "Women" who made this possible!!

Best regards.
Bye for now,Alessandro.

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  1. Hello!

    Yes, you can eat them.

    Best regards,

    1. And are free or we must pay? How much?

  2. Hello!

    I published this post because I'd like to express my appreciation about soft colors and decorations.
    I'm sorry, but I can't answer to your questions because I don't know anything about them.

    Best Regards.