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The Saracen Joust of Arezzo (Medieval Reconstruction): JUNE 23, SEPTEMBER 02!!

Hello to everyone!

"Piazza Grande: Befor the Saracen Joust"

Might you be interested in medieval reconstruction which is characterized by a race with horses, local people dressed with clothes of that historic time and so on? 

"Piazza Grande"
Arezzo: "Piazza Grande"

Maybe, do you like old town which have a strong connection with tradition, culture, customs, etc., which remind you at medieval and Etruscan history?

If you are a traveler keen or curious in this kind of historical reenactment or you simply choose to enjoy this event close to local people, you could have been in the right place, my town Arezzo as well as the right time.
As every year the "Antique Tournament" is going to take place the last but one Saturday of June, in that case on June 23, called "S.Donato Joust", at night.The other date has been scheduled on the first Saturday of September, in that case on September 02, called"The September Joust", in the afternoon.

The ninth month of the year, is one of the most enjoyable because,"the Joust" and "the Antique Fair" are going to be realized at the same time!!In addition to that, thanks to the "Fair" there will be exhibitors from all over Italy. You can find furniture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, textiles, clocks, sculptures, paintings, objects made of iron or copper, at last trinckets and curiosities among the most various.

In the main place of the historic center, "Piazza Grande", you're going to live an exciting, special and unique experience.Last summer the week before the race I was there so, I took some photos before that some works took place for making the place ready for the day of the "Joust".I'd like to share some of them with you then, you can have an idea around what you can find duirng next race,if you want to be part of it!!

Celebration before the Race
Parade Before the Race

I have to say, "thank you" to a traveler because when she was in Arezzo some time ago, she made a video of the "antique game" and downloaded it on YouTube.I've surfed a lot on the web but I have to be honest and this is one of the best, because it's been able to show the race for what he really is.

                          "Saracen Joust" taken from TouTube      

If you'll decide to spend a little bit of your time in Arezzo, you can see my town under a different perspective as well as in a way that you've never seen it before.This time of year is one of my favourite because,when I'm walking along the historic center I can feel the "electricity" which is in the air and I'm also happy to see a lot of family with their children dressed with clothes that remind to colours of the "quarter" which they support.The main characters of this big event, are four quarters called:

Porta Crucifera also known as, Culcitrone (green and red colors);Porta del Foro, also known as, Porta S. Lorentino (yellow and crimson colors);Porta S. Spirito (yellow and blue colors);Porta S. Andrea (white and green colors).
Since the beginning of June, at the weekend you can make a reservation for eating in one of the "four quarter" of the center. You can stay close to people who gives an important personal contribution, because their priority is that everything it's going to be all right the day of the celebration before and during the race.You can eat tipical tuscan food, tasting local wines, have fun and enjoy hospitality of our medieval town.
There will be also two things which are very peculiar of the medieval reconstruction that I like a lot.First of all, the day of the main event you can assist at the"blessing of the horses"  which take place at the top of the historic center outside the Cathedral.Secondly, in "Piazza Grande" before the beginning of the competition you can admire "flag wavers" who will show you something spectacular and interesting because of their skills, ability and capacity on managing thier flags!!

                           Flag wavers taken from YouTube  

You have to know that they are well-known in many countries all over the world for their amazing performance which  they've been able to make after years of practice and training.
If you need some help or maybe you're curious to ask me something about the "Joust of Saracen of Arezzo",I'll be very pleased to answer to all your questions.

Bye for now.



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  1. And there are tickets for joust? Expensive?

  2. Good morning,

    I don't know if at the moment there are tickets available and what are the prices. The best suggestion is that you can contact who manage the official website of the "Saracen Joust" and ask them about availability and prices.

    I wish that my advice can be useful for you.

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  3. Great event, I like to read this post. Videos are really nice and inormative. Thanks for sharing this here with us.

  4. Good morning,

    I'm really glad that you've found this post informative. This is one of the reason why I've started this blog some months ago!!

    Thank you a lot for your words!
    Bye for now.

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  5. When is the event being held in 2013? I've read conflicting websites. June 15 or June 22?

    1. Good morning Mrs. Diane,

      I'm really pleased to let you know that the event will take place on June 22. I'd like to add also a link when you can find out more information if you need it.
      For everything you'll need I'll be pleased to help you.

      Have a nice day.

      Best regards,

      The Saracen Joust of Arezzo: