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From a Child who was running with a Kite to the Lights of the "Temple of Football": San Siro Stadium (Giuseppe Meazza)

If only few months ago you asked me wheather I would like talking about my parents, family or in other words something personal in the Blog, I'll probably answer to your question, NO!!

Now after two years of experiences across the web, I've learned, read and understood lots of different things.

In the context of the social media I've also appreciated how much I like contents which are charaterized by their authenticity.I was reading an article on the BBC's home page, when my eyes were being  delighted by a magnificent video of one of the most talented football player like Wayne Rooney!I think that is enough what the commentator said about his performance:                      ABSOLUTELY POETRY!!Wayne Rooney has won: "Premier League Goal" of the 20 Seasons award!!

                                               Video taken from Youtube

When I talk about sport with friends of mine I don't usually like making comparisons between athletes who expressed themselves in different times.
In addition to that, after watching Rooney again on YouTube, I saw like a slow-motion in my mind about what, my father was able to do as football player in Italy along the 60's during the “Italian Economic Boom”. 
This is one of the most spectacular goal which my father scored againist another Italian Team: Sampdoria.

                            Video taken from Youtube

Most of people who will read this post will think, 

“your point of view can't be objective because you're his son”. I'm perfectly aware about that!The reason why I decide to talk about my father's story is because since the beginning of this “Public Diary”, I've always listened to opinions, suggestion and comments of readers very carefully and seriously.At the same time, I've been driving by my sensibility, curiosity and passion for life. Lastly, whole of us has a present, maybe a future, but I thought that something that happened in the past might have been interesting.Another goal when my father was very young and was palying in Argentina for, Boca Juniors before coming in Italy.

                            Video taken from Youtube

The story at first could seem a “fairytale” but you can trust me that what I want to talk about it's true, it's real! 

My father was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.One day he was playing with his cousin with a kite when a car along the way suddenly stopped. He was thinking of that man could have been lost and probably asking him for some directions. Instead of that, a big and unexpected surprise was that the man, asking him if he might have been interested in playing for Arsenal youth team.For that “talent scout” was enough seeing my father running and his intuition was great, because after some years, he became a famous football player in Italy where played for Inter of Milan and was able to do something that people remember also today even if we're talking about a long time ago.My Dad as well as whole my family, will be always grateful to Moratti's family for giving him the possibility to express his quality, talent and capacity in the “Italian Football League” well-known all over the world as “Serie A”.He played for Inter of Milan from 1957 to 1961. He made his best performance on 1958-1959, when he was able to score 33 goals in 33 matches.I'd like to add that, this record has been unbeaten until today.
                        "The year of the Record,1958- 1959"

                            Video taken from Youtube

Bye for now.

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