martedì 3 aprile 2012

"I would like to share the experience that I've made on the web thanks to Blogger!

Hello to everyone!

Piazza Grande before "the Saracen Joust of Arezzo"

First of all, I have to say thank you to all people who work for blogger for giving me the possibility to talk about myself, my medieval town Arezzo, my beautiful Tuscan Region and at last, for having a “window on the web” through which I can promote my activity.

I want to say thank you to whole blogger's team because I've read so many times writing about internet, as it was something that concern only technology, web 2.0, reputation online and so on but I think that, we forget that behind all “virtual realities like these” there are human beings who listen to your stories, suggestion, questions and in other words, this is a part of the “virtual life” that a lot of us are living at the moment and which it's going to improve a lot during years to come.
I would have written this post just one year after my blogger's experience, but I feel inspired today and I decided to share these thoughts through this post.
In my intention, I don’t want to bore you but I have to say a special thanks to two bloggers.

One of them is Sarah Lee. Since the beginning, she gave me some precious advice which I've listened to very carefully around how to improve my visibility on the web and what I can do to try to give all the best as blogger.

The other one is Abby Tegnelia, who I want to say thaks, not only for the same reasons but also for getting in touch with me, because I know that bloggers and in general people who are nearly always active on internet, are very busy.
Since the beginning until now, blogger has been a positive way to make practice on English language a little bit more. At the same time, one of its best quality is that, it's very easy to use also for people like me who are not “expert” on the web and at the end, it's a free service!
When I started nearly nine months ago, I couldn't imagine who much I could have been liked to express myself particularly, who I am through this kind of “technological diary”.My purpose is to continue along this “way” to try to improve my blogger's qualities as much as I can.

A special thanks to people all around the world who have followed me during last few months until today.
Best regards,

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