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What was one of the main event that starts from past and changed the social and economic history of Arezzo?

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In my life so many times I've heard that sentence: if you don't know your past you can't understand the present. 

When I started thinking about the argument of this post the answer came to me in an easy and natural way: what was one of the main events that starts from past and changed the social and economic history of Arezzo

There is a strength connection between my town and two of the smart citizens, Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori who, changed our history since the creation of the UnoAErre on March 15, 1926. They received their first identification mark of the Province of Arezzo on April 02, 1934 named 1AR then during the years to come, it had been used as society's name, UnoAErre. 

They had the intuition in the sixties of making an intelligent mix between the gold artisan tradition and the high quality of technologies which was available at that time, to reduce the cost of manufacturing on the final product. 

The best results had been achieved during the decade that starts from 1960s (the beginning of the “Italian Economic Boom”) to 1970s.

At that time, the firm became one of most important in my country for fabrication, distribution and exportation of gold and jewellery products.

In the last few years, due to the general economic crisis as well as some issues which involved whole gold industry, we're looking for an industrial plan that will be able to give a positive and strong contribution to revitalize this essential and vital part of Arezzo's economy.

In my view, another extraordinary moment was on March 1998 when in the main company headquarters was created the 
 “Company Museum Gori & Zucchi”.
There is a special section dedicated to "Archaeological Gold Industry”. Inside this fascinating timeless space, you can find out what kind of old machinery had been used to realize some of the unforgettable jewels, thanks to the creativity and cooperation provided by some well-known artists of the last century like Salvatore Fiume, Salvador Dalì, Giò Pomodoro and so on.

In addition to that, in the museum you can't find the materials of paper because they have been destroyed by the bombardments of the last World War. By the way, there are available designs and creative projects since 1946. In my town there is also “Arezzo Fairs and Meetings” which is one of the most important exhibition and conference of centre Italy. 

This is a reference point for most of us who live in Arezo because there has been organized concerts, exhibitions,, fairs and many other tinteresteing things during last few years. 

It's situated in a strategic location because of its short distance from the town centre. 

In fact for instance, from my home you can get there in fifteen minutes by car or you can take the bus from the train station and count on shuttle services usually available for the most important events. 

Next March 24, at the opening of the International gold and silver jewellery exhibition, it's going to be celebrated a new space inside this big centre called, “The Museum Oro d'Autore”. 

The project “Oro d'Autore”, was born in 1989, to try to give more emphasis and visibility to contemporary gold art.
Since the beginning, the main purpose was that national and international artists had to make an original idea around jewels which, should have been produced by an Italian Jewellery company. 

During last twenty-five years, artists from all over the world have taken part at this initiative.This year within the international exhibition, there will be something special “Bi-Jewel”realized thanks to the cooperation with well-qualified brand like “Vogue Gioello e Vogue Accessory”. 

The collection based on more than three hundred unique work of art. To be more accurate, around thirty Italian company will take part at this fair and there will be also international buyers that came from established as well as emerging markets.

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