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Information and Events in Arezzo as well as some of the unique and beautiful Tuscan spots: regularly updated

"Parade before the Joust of Saracen"

Useful Information for Travellers 

The new webpage of Arezzo: 

at last, my town Arezzo has taken part at the new Tucan Region project which, was started some years ago. It focuses on give you a lot of information for instance, where to sleep, where to eat and much more around our wonderful Tuscany, culture, tradition, wine, art, and so on.
The web address is:

Train Tickets: 

if you have to book train tickets I can suggest you this website where you can find out a lot of information: "Ferrovie dello stato"

S. FrancescoChurch:

If you want to admire  the fresco paintings of Piero della Francesca behind the Church, you'll find the ticket office otherwise, there are two possibilities:
you can book your tickets through Piero della Francesca ticket office  or if you'll need my help, I can go to the ticket office in fifteen minutes walk and buy them for you, as I did for other travellers.

Touch Screen:

just outside the railway station at your right if you'd like to have more information around my town (pharmacy,museum, churches and so on) you can find out them surfing on the touch screen.

Hire a car:

you can choose on the web among well-known rental cars, but you have to be careful as well to check it out their availabily, especially when you have to give back your car on Saturday or Sunday.

Bicycle rentalservice:

the only place I know, is situated in Street S. Lorentino inside the old wall of my medieval town. From the station you can get there in fifteen-twenty minutes walk.

Shuttle Service:

for travelers who have made a booking at my B&B, is available the shuttle service with my own car. From the station to my home in 10 minutes.


I will be very pleased to give you my help if you need it for planning a day-trip through some of the beautiful Tuscan landscapes very close to Arezzo.

Special Events in Arezzo and nearby Provinces 2012


Poppi (from Arezzo twenty min. by car):

visit at "Castello dei Conti Guidi" from 15-03-2012 to 31-12-2012.

The Saracen Joust of  Arezzo:

This is a medieval reconstruction with horses and riders. This important event is held in "Piazza Grande". As every year, we're going to celebrate the "Saracen Joust", the penultimate Saturday of June (Giostra di S. Donato) at night, 23-06-2012;
The other race is going to be done the first Sunday of September (Giostra di Settembre) daytime, 02-09-2012.

The Antique Fair of Arezzo:

As every first Sunday of each month and the previous Saturday, it's going to be celebrated the "Antique Fair". There will be around 500 exhibitors from all over Italy. You can find furniture, ceramics, porcelain, glass, textiles, clocks, sculptures, paintings, objects made of iron or copper, as well as trinkets and curiosities among the most various.

S. Giovanni Valdarno (AR): from 08-12-2011 to 01-11-2012.

this is a permanent exhibition of Christmas-Nativities in a wonderful location in the "Basilica di S. Maria delle Grazie" entitled, "Towars London 2012" dedicated to the next Olimpic Games which is going to take place at London since July 27.

Open Public Holidays: 10,00-13,00 a.m.; 16,00-19,00 p.m.;
Months of closure: July; August.

Free entry;.
From Arezzo to S. G. Valdarno in thirty min. by car

Days of wines: the spring is coming!!

from 25/04/12 to October, the wineries in Arezzo and in all surrounding countryside, it's going to be opened on Wednesday and Sunday in the afternoon. You can visit cellars, taste wines and at the same time you can count on knowledge, culture and well-qualified wine-makers.

Handicraft Exhibition of the "Valtiberina Toscana":

from 21/04/12 to 01/05/12.
(from Arezzo to Anghiari, 20 minutes by car and 40 by bus)
Location: "Sala Audiovisivi e Sale Filarmonica P. Mascagni"
Exhibition: "150 hands, Italian Collection".
You can live a beautiful experience inside the unique ambience of the historic centre of Anghiari. This is also a "tribute" to the national handcraft among the most talented artisan. The exhibition had been already shown in Turin on occasion of the celebration of the unification of Italy.
There is also another event:
Location: "Museo Statale di Palazzo Taglieschi"
Exhibition: ""Gemme d'Anghiari".
There will be shown some work of art of students of the
"Istituto d'arte di Anghiari", which talking about 50 years of history of this beautiful village.
Working Days: from 15,00 to 19,30 (23-26-27 of April)Before a Holiday: from 10,00-13,00 to 15,00-19,30Public Holiday: from 10,00 to 19,30.
Free Shuttle Service:
every 15 minutes a Bus will be available, from parking places all around Anghiari to the historic city centre.
During the all celebration will be possible to taste some tipical foods of this land thanks to the "wine and food stand".

During the year:


24/03/12:   Event: "OroArezzo", from 24/03/12 to 27/03/12.                Subtitle: "Shows International gold, silver                                 and jewelry"                Location: "Arezzo fairs and congresses"
31/03/12: Antique fair Arezzo fairs and congresses


01/04/12: Antique fair
04/04/12: The movie:  "Le nevi del Kilimangiaro"
                Filmmaker: "Robert Guédiguian"
                Location:    Cinema EDEN at 21.15 p.m.
                Adress:       Street Guadagnoli, 2, Arezzo


05/05/12: Antique fair
06/05/12: Antique fair


02/06/12: Antique fair
03/06/12: Antique fair
23/06/12: Saracen Joust of Arezzo (Giostra di S. Donato) at night 

30/06/12: Antique fair


01/07/12: Antique fair


04/08/12: Antique fair
05/08/12: Antique fair


01/09/12: Antique fair
02/09/12: Antique fair;  "Saracen Joust of Arezzo"
               (Giostra di Settembre) daytime;


06/10/12: Antique fair
07/10/12: Antique fair


03/11/12: Antique fair
04/11/12: Antique fair


01/12/12: Antique fair
02/12/12: Antique fair

I wish that you can find this post a little bit useful when you are planning your next vacation in Tuscany!
Remember that, whatever you need don't hesitate to contact me because,  will be a pleasure if  I can answer to your questions or give you some advice.



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