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Why visit Arezzo and its four nearby beautiful valleys?

Hello to everyone!

Piazza Grande before the, Joust of the Saracens

Four main Valleys: Casentino Forests National Park, Valdarno, Valdichiana, Valtiberina.
Any question will be very appreciated and welcomed !!


its short distance from some interesting tourist attractions
Tuscany is well-known all over the world for its wine, culture, …., why not thinking about a healthy lifestyle vacation through the, "Master Canal of the Chiana Area's cycle and pedestrian path" especially because of its wonderful and strategic location between Arezzo and Chiusi.

Family and children: healthy lifestyle vacation for family who want to live an experience very close to the Tuscan nature! 

Maybe next summer, you could start from Arezzo then, go and visit some of the most beautiful landscapes close to my town?
From Arezzo to the city of the Renaissance in 1 hour by train! 

Planning a new way to visit Tuscany: not only big city like Florence, Rome, but also small city like Arezzo, Cortona, Anghiari, Monterchi, Sansepolcro, Castiglion Fiorentio and Poppi!
You and your relatives have been to Florence so many times but, you've never been to a medieval town, like Arezzo?

Are you planning your next vacation in Tuscany but you haven't chosen your day-trip yet? I'll be very pleased if I could help you as I did for other travellers!

Simply enjoy our “hot Tuscan sun”!
Arezzo is a “natural movie-set” as happened in 1997 with the film of “Roberto Benigni”, “The life is beautiful”!

In the “Church of San Francesco” you can admire one of the most fascinating paintings of Piero della Francesca the cycle of frescoes, "The Legend of the True Cross" !!
Don't forget that you can also visit Piero della Francesca's house and Giorgio Vasari's house!


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  1. Arezzo is one of the wealthiest cities in Tuscany.I love this city. I must say
    "You have posted really nice blog. Thanks for sharing this wonderful info."

  2. Thank you. I totally agree with you.
    In my medieval town , you can admire some masterpieces of art, eat good food, etc..
    By the way, I think that one of the main quality of Arezzo is that, is not touristy.

    Best regards,