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Tuscany by bicycle for travellers and family

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The Path of the Reclaimed Land

I want to give you some details through which I'll try to draw your attention around the fact that, our beautiful Tuscan Region is well-known across the world for its wine, art, culture, nature and so on. At the same time, there is also another way and point of view for living a vacation inspired by healthy lifestyle. I'd like to introduce you at something that, could be special for travellers who are keen on bicycle as well as they regularly practice this exciting sport. 

This kind of vacation could be also suitable for family who, could be interested to have a direct contact and experience with our breathtaking landscapes and unique natural scenery! 

This is the reason why, I'd like to suggest you a very special and emotional day-trip through the "Master Canal of the Chiana Area's Cycle and pedestrian path" which, is in a wonderful location between Arezzo and Chiusi. 
You can get through a protected area which is well-equipped. You can also enjoy your day either by bicycle or on foot. If  you'll need a bicycle I can suggest you a bicycle rental service situated in "via S. Lorentino" which, is inside of the old wall of my medieval town.
For istance, from the town centre particularly from "Corso Italia", you'll need fifteen minutes walk to get there. 

I'd like also to mention that our Region have been thinking to create a "bicycle path" that will be able to connect cities of art, mountain and coast. Lastly, it's definitely official that the next Cycling World Championship in 2013 is going to take place in Tuscany. 
If this post will have been able to inspire your curiosity and you're thinking about planning your next vacation in Tuscany, I will be very, very pleased to answer all of your questions.

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