martedì 21 febbraio 2012

Reputation online: B&B Tarussio on, "the map of the world of Tripadvisor"!!

Hello everybody!!
I have to say thanks a lot to Tripadvisor's management as well as to whole peple who work for it!
Each time, I receive something from them is similar as an "award" for the work that I did until now and I'm obviously glad.

B&B Tarussio on Tripadvisor

In addition  to this, each one of their ideas, new projects, proposals and so on, have inspired me  a lot to try to work harder for improving the quality of the hospitality of my B&B and reputation online.

During last two years, I've surfed across the web to try to know as much as I can around new technologies and application. I've also tried to become more confident with social networks, blogs and whatever could have been useful for sharing different experiences, opinions, tradition and lifestyle.

At that time, I've also understood a little bit more around the meaning of  "blog". I totally agree with other bloggers who said that, "your blog is how people see you personally". I'd like to add that as in real life, the first impression can be more significant than many other thoughts or personal considerations.

I think that it's true that, your blog is your digital identity.

B&B Tarussio: has never been seen like that

This is the last part of this story and now, I start giving you more details around the beginning.

We've had a good cooperation with local administration, especially with the tourist office for eight years.

We can't imagine how important internet is going to become for the future of tourism all over the world.
During last few years, not only many things changed but also most of the tourist office have been closed and now the names of the new realities are, web 2.0, mobile phones, touch screen and these will be for the years to come.
At the end, I have to say thanks a lot to whole travellers who have chosen my B&B for their vacation in Tuscany.


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  1. Hello,

    Very Interesting information.It is very nice to know about the The map of the world from Tripadviosr. I am big crazy about read knowledgeable points. First time i found this information. Thanks for great information.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you a lot for your comment. I'm very pleased about it.

      Best regards,
      Alessandro D. Angelillo Tarussio.