mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

A mix of: vocals, rhythm and nature

Hi everybody!!

"I have many thoughts in my mind when I started with this blog, but one thing was clear since the beginning, I would have talked a little bit more around the interesting, women's world."
In a previous article I had described how nice was to know, a lovely couple from Iceland. I got in touch with the lady who is a singer, she told me that she had also a YouTube Channel and then, I would introduce and share with travellers, the whole musicians of their Iceland band that I like so much and listened to so many times!

                           This video has been taken from YouTube

There is also another video which has drawn my attention during last few days. I've never seen something like that before.
This video describes a short story of a young lady from Austria, who walked around the breathtaking Iceland's landscapes.
This video shows something that I've learned from many documentaries. I was thinking about the beauty but at the same time, how the nature could be strength, hard and at the end, the mystery that comes from the humidity and fog in the early morning.


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