lunedì 14 novembre 2011

Hospitality and Travellers (Part Second)

Hello everyone!!

Photo of my mother, Bianca

I'm very happy to have the privilege of living in my Via Isonzo 41 especially because of the architectural style of many houses like mine, which are typical of this part of the town.

They reminded me to the Anglo-Saxon houses where the culture of hospitality was born.

I like so much to live in my home of the early twentieth-century because of the big spaces of every single room and bath. One thing that I'm very proud is that everything was made for our family.

We didn't imagine that one day , the first floor will be used only for the B&B. This is the reason why, travellers find a unique ambience here becasue of the big spaces , different kind of house furnishings which charaterized each one of our three rooms and baths.

Photo of myself, Alessandro

One of our priority is to take care a lot of hygiene based on HACCP rules and self-control plan. At the same time, we are very glad that our guests can spend some times, in our medieval town Arezzo and give them a high quality of hospitality because of the rooms with beds very big and confortable.

We're particularly proud of our big baths, each of one of them inside of the rooms and especially, because they are very large and wide.

At the first floor used only for the B&B there is also the breakfast room where we served the breakfast at your own table. 
There is also Free wired high-speed internet connection within the breakfast room, totally free of charge!!

The Breakfast Room
Free Internet inside Breakfast Room

It has been a pleasure for our family to stay a little bit and spend some few words with our guests who, dressed with their pyjamas like they were doing breakfast at their home.

Another thing that makes the difference between us and our competitors is that for each one of travellers there is our big parking garage inside of our property.

At last, there is also a taverna-garage for people who are keen on bicycle.

Parking Garage inside of our property

My wish for the New Year is to meet a lot of travelleres from all over the world!!

I wish to all of you,
Happy New Year!!
Best regards,

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