giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

"The Tuscan Sun....."

Hello to everybody!!

Some days ago, I was talking with travellers from the United States of America who stayed at my house during this summer.

I have the chance through e-mail, to get in touch with these nice and lovely American people. We were talking about many things around Tuscany like, food, wine, magnificent landscape when the lady asked to me, if I remember the beautiful movie,
"Under the Tuscan Sun"!!

                             This video has been taken from YouTube.

The lady also told me how much American people like this film specially because of the unforgettable place where was filmed a part of it.
I'm talking about Cortona!!
I like so, so much this beautiful Etruscan town, not only for the breathtaking  location, but also because there are houses which are able to explain more than lots of words, one aspect of tipical Tuscan lifestyle such as old fascion fornitures.

The family atmosphere and mix of fragrance of the countryside which you can smelll all around you, as you can only imagine through the movie which I was talking about.

It's not easy to describe and explain something that is very personal and unique.

I can only suggest you to come here and enjoy our Tuscany as much as you can.
Don't forget one very important thing:
from Arezzo to Cortona, there is a short distance, I mean 30 Km.,30 minutes by car;nearly the same time by bus.
If you'll decide or think of spend some time in my medieval town Arezzo, I will be very pleased to host you at my B&B and give you all informations you need to enjoy your vacation!!


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