giovedì 3 novembre 2011

"A beautiful voice from Iceland"

Hello to everybody!

This morning I have read an article on internet which inspired me a lot!!
The author said something like that: "why not talking about a story or an experience in your blog that, you heard or shared with travellers who you gave hospitality?”

Now, I'm going to tell you something around travellers from Iceland who come in Arezzo because of the lady who is a singer and had some lessons to do in my town. 
They were busy in the morning and couldn't spend a lot of time for planning their vacation.
It has been a very pleasure for me to help them to arrange a meeting in an “agriturismo” nearby my town. At that time the event, “wineries open to visit “ had been finished and the owner was very lovely because opened his wineries only for guests.

The lady the day before they kept going with their journey gave me her CD which, I listened to and appreciated a lot, not only for her beautiful and powerful voice but also because the mix of sounds have been able to remind me at my childhood. 

In fact, there are some notes which touched me deep inside, my mind and soul come back to those moments when I lived on the hill with my whole family. Thanks to these songs, I could be felt the same emotions again when I was a free spirit!
This is a short story but at the same time there is everything that I usually give a meaning of, “the culture of hospitality”.


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  1. It is really informative post. You have shared wonderful post on “voice from Iceland"”. Actually I was not aware about that. But I found here many beautiful info about voice from Iceland" in your post.

  2. Iceland is a beautiful place to visit for tourists. I read your wonderful post on “voice from Iceland”. Like it. Thank you for sharing lovely post.

  3. Thank you a lot for your comment.
    I'm very glad that you've appreciated what I wrote around Iceland. I totally agree with you that this land is a beautiful place to visit.

    Best regards,